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The Power of A Patient: Achieving Fertility Preservation Coverage for Connecticut - blog post image

Earlier this year, Connecticut became the first state to pass legislation that guarantees insurance coverage for standard fertility preservation services. For patients who need these services due to a medical necessity – including undergoing chemotherapy or other fertility-threatening treatments – this coverage could be life-altering. One Connecticut patient, Melissa Thompson, was the key force in getting this…Details

New! Patient Voices: Experiences with Cancer and Fertility - blog post image

We are excited to announce our new website feature, Patient Voices, which shares patient and survivor experiences with cancer and fertility. If you are a patient or survivor, please share your story about how concerns about your future fertility or ability to become a parent affected you, your loved ones, your treatment decisions, your finances,…Details

Partner Perspectives on Fertility Preservation

Alliance for FP on 09-Dec-2016

Partner Perspectives on Fertility Preservation - blog post image

Dr. Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD, Allison Goetsch, MS, CGC, and graduate student Kendra Frome, BS, have designed this survey to capture information about the fertility preservation process from an often-overlooked perspective – that of the cancer patient’s partner. Obviously, a patient’s partner has an important stake in the outcome of any fertility preservation interventions, and…Details

Cervivor School: A advocacy training program for cervical cancer survivors - blog post image

Cervivor School is headed to Louisville, KY! Cervivor is a 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer. One of its key programs is “Cervivor School.” It is a program that allows cervical cancer survivors to take their own experience and use it to help create positive change for other survivors and…Details

Share Your Story! Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics calling for patient stories about cancer and fertility - blog post image

The Journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics has chosen to dedicate an issue to stories about patients and families who faced fertility issues as a result of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Because children and young adults may have their future ability to become a parent compromised by cancer treatment, it is important that they understand…Details

The Samfund: Scholarship Applications Now Open

Joyce Reinecke, J.D. on 08-Jul-2016

The Samfund: Scholarship Applications Now Open - blog post image

The Samfund is a nonprofit organization that provides financial grants to young adult cancer survivors for a wide range of cancer-associated costs, including for reproductive services and for family building. Family building grants fall into two categories: Grants to help with the storage of eggs, embryos or sperm for the purpose of fertility preservation. These…Details

New article identifies female patients don’t receive enough fertility information - blog post image

Many young adult female cancer survivors want children in the future, but, for a variety of reasons, are unable to undergo fertility preservation before treatment. For those who maintain ovarian function after treatment but are at risk for premature ovarian failure, fertility preservation after treatment may be an option. However, patients cannot avail themselves of…Details

CALL TO ACTION! Support Pending Fertility Preservation Legislation in New York - blog post image

The primary barrier for cancer patients seeking to preserve their fertility is cost. Sperm banking, embryo freezing and egg freezing cost thousands of dollars. Because these services are rarely covered by insurance, patients are typically left paying out of pocket in order to access these services. For many, especially while in the midst of a…Details

New Survey about Needs for Services to Help with Fertility and Sexuality Issues in Younger Breast Cancer Survivors - blog post image

Dr. Leslie Schover, a pioneering researcher in the field of sexuality and fertility after cancer, has launched a new survey about the specific reproductive health needs of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause. Dr. Schover is conducting the survey to better understand the ongoing needs of young cancer patients for information and…Details

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Illinois Disputed Embryos Case - blog post image

The Supreme Court of the United States refused to take up a case involving disputed embryos that were created for fertility preservation purposes. The case, Szafranski v. Dunston, has garnered national attention. It arose after Karla Dunston, a doctor, was diagnosed in 2009 with lymphoma. Because her course of treatment presented the risk of infertility,…Details