Fertility Scout®

Your Guide to Fertility Preservation Services

This online tool was designed to help oncology healthcare providers and patients find fertility preservation services quickly – before they start their treatment.

Studies continue to show sub-optimal rates (generally less than 50%) of fertility discussions between oncologists and their patients; fertility preservation referral rates are even lower. By streamlining the process of finding and connecting the oncology community to fertility providers, we hope to enhance patients’ access to this important quality of life need.

Fertility Scout® is voluntary, inclusive and FREE! This service is provided by a 501c3 organization, and all of the clinics and sperm banks listed in it have chosen to participate because they want the oncology community to know about their services. Facilities were not “selected” for inclusion, and the AFP receives no funding for listings or referrals received.

It was designed specifically for those seeking fertility preservation services. While general infertility service directories may exist, this tool is focused specifically on the needs of the patient seeking fertility preservation. All providers have submitted information about their fertility preservation experience and the special services that they offer. Most importantly, they understand the urgent timeline facing these patients and have agreed:

  • to designate one “fertility preservation contact” who is in charge of these referrals; and
  • to contact the patient directly within 48 hours to schedule an appointment

It delivers a user-friendly, secure, online experience. No more searching the internet for fertility clinics! No more waiting on hold to try to find the right person to schedule the patient immediately! Geo-location mapping and extensive search functionality allows you to find the facility you need from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The AFP’s program partner, Remedy Health Media, has provided HIPAA-compliant data management for all of the required referral data.

It doubles as a documentation tool. Oncology professionals create private, password-protected accounts to send referrals. These accounts can be used by the HCP to store, document, or download individual patient referrals for record-keeping purposes.