Fertility Preservation
During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this difficult and uncertain time, we at the Alliance for Fertility Preservation are doing our best to stay up to date on all of the ways that this pandemic might be affecting our community. We know that some cancer surgeries and treatments are being delayed, and we know that some infertility services are also being curtailed. While we recognize the need to protect patients, healthcare providers, and society at large, we know that some of these changes and delays may cause confusion or distress. In order to provide better support and information, and in partnership with the Oncofertility Consortium, we have established secure channels to collect and disseminate changes in oncofertility services that are happening at this time – and we'd love to hear from YOU!

For ONCOLOGY providers, nonprofits, and patients
For FERTILITY clinics/facilities providing fertility preservation services
Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Fertility Preservation

Joint Statement

Joint Statement from the Alliance for Fertility Preservation and the Oncofertility Consortium on Fertility Preservation for Patients Receiving Gonadotoxic Therapies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 Fertility Preservation Update

Focusing on fertility preservation for cancer patients

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Discounted Services

We are hearing from facilities across the country about how they are meeting fertility preservation challenges despite this pandemic, and even offering discounts to ease the burden on cancer patients. If your clinic/sperm bank is offering fertility preservation services at a reduced rate during this pandemic, please let us know! Email us at: info@allianceforfertilitypreservation.org.

Sperm Banking

If you or your patient cannot get to a sperm bank at this time, Dadi, can still get sperm banking kits to you! Please use the discount code: AFP2020 for additional financial support.