Erica’s Story

Erica’s Story

  • State: Oregon
  • Cancer Type: Cervical Cancer
  • Age at Diagnosis: 27
Erica's Story - Cancer Fertility Preservation

What is your current treatment state?
Currently undergoing treatment

Did you undergo any fertility preservation treatments?
Yes, Trachelectomy

Did someone on your healthcare team speak to you about the possible effects of cancer treatments on your fertility?

Who raised the topic?
A member of my healthcare team did

Was the information you received thorough and helpful?

When were you told that your fertility might be affected by your cancer treatments?
Before I started active treatment

How did you pay for it?
It was covered by my insurance

Why did you undergo fertility preservation?
I opted to have a surgery which would preserve my fertility as my treatment option. I did so due to the fact that I was recently divorced and dating. I didn’t want any future spouse to have the option of additional children taken away.

Did you become a parent after cancer?

Erica’s Story

I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer in 2012. I underwent a trachelectomy to preserve my fertility. I waited to try to get pregnant, we were waiting until we got married. Our wedding was scheduled for June 2014, in April 2014 I was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer. This time we had to start aggressive treatment, they did not discuss any options for fertility at the time of my second diagnosis.

I did have a son prior to any cancer diagnosis.Read more of Erica’s story