We believe that all patients have right to be fully informed about the effects of their medical treatment on their reproductive system and their ability to have children in the future. This means information not just about the risks, but also about the options for preserving and protecting the chance of future parenthood.

These options are only true options if patients can access them. Without insurance coverage for medically necessary fertility preservation treatments, many patients simply cannot afford sperm, egg, embryo, or tissue banking, especially in the midst of distressing, often costly, cancer treatment.

Our advocacy work seeks to raise awareness about these issues with insurers, legislators, and other policymakers to, hopefully, affect positive change for patients.

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Grassroots Advocacy

Advocacy starts with YOU! Whether you are a patient, a provider, a family member or a friend, your voice counts!

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State Laws & Legislation

Several states have passed fertility preservation coverage laws, and others have legislation pending right now.

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Federal Laws & Legislation

New Infertility Treatment Bill Introduced in U.S. House and Senate

Access Initiatives

The AFP has several projects that are focused on expanding access to fertility preservation for patients through non-legislative means.