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The Alliance for Fertility Preservation thanks all of our supporters! Your donations are absolutely vital to our work. These funds allow us to advocate for better insurance coverage, connect patients to fertility experts through Fertility Scout®, and serve individual patients by helping with insurance appeals, providing information about their fertility options, and by directing them to additional resources.

Founding Sponsor

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The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is grateful to Ferring Pharmaceuticals for the support that allowed for the creation of our organization.

“As cancer survival rates increase, more and more patients need to consider their life after treatment, including how they might build or expand their family,” said Joy Lewin, Director of Ferring’s reproductive health unit. “Unfortunately, when faced with the overwhelming decisions surrounding their cancer diagnosis, future fertility is not top of mind. We believe it’s imperative to drive a better dialogue between healthcare providers and patients, which is why Ferring is supporting the Alliance in meeting this unmet need.”


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Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia

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