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Join the Alliance for Fertility Preservation on February 11th in Albany

Join the Alliance for Fertility Preservation on February 11th in Albany - blog post image

The Alliance for Fertility Preservation Supports reversing the gestational surrogacy ban in New York.

We want to alert you to an important advocacy event around family building. We hope you’ll either join us, help spread the word or send letters of support to your lawmakers.

The New York Child-Parent Security Act

In addition, AFP will be in Albany, New York with RESOLVE and other advocates on February 11th in support of the Child-Parent Security Act was announced recently by Governor Cuomo in his 2020 State Address. At present, New York State is one of only three that has a current ban on any form of compensated gestational surrogacy. The other two states are Louisiana and Michigan. We aim to change that!

The CPSA’s goal is create “best practice” laws legalizing and regulating compensated gestational surrogacy for intended parents, whether they are a married straight couple, a married gay couple, unmarried, or single and whether they are biologically related to the child or not.

Amy Demma, a New York licensed attorney practicing in the area of reproductive law, “I am delighted to see how much the Protecting Modern Families Coalition has grown since last year. I am not sure how many new organizations have joined but the number of individuals and groups signing on in support is both impressive and encouraging.”

“We have continued to work on the specifics of the legislation to ensure that it contains the most advanced and progressive protections for surrogates, intended parents, and any children born through surrogacy.” states HERE.

As always, thank you for your support and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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