Parul Patel

Photo of Parul Patel

Parul is a business strategy and innovation executive with extensive hands-on experience helping companies leverage technology to change, start, and scale their businesses.  She has worked across many industries and wide variety of business sizes, such as luxury retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and media and high tech.  In addition to her profit/private experience, Parul has spent over a decade working with non-profits – from volunteering to being a Board Member to being a Board Chairwoman.  Her strength is working with multiple stakeholders to align around a common set of goals and develop executable plans to bring those goals to life by leveraging the best of the people around them, the technologies available and in the marketplace such as AWS and Salesforce, and their own strengths.  Parul has helped over 40 clients with this type of work and is excited about continuing this type of work with non-profits and startups.  Parul led a team to launch a new digital business for a pharmaceutical company that brings fertility education and treatment into the privacy of a home.  In addition, Parul led the team that launched Fertility Scout on behalf of the Alliance for Fertility Preservation.