Alex’s Story

Alex’s Story

  • State: IL
  • Cancer Type: Wife, Katie, Cervical Cancer
  • Age at Diagnosis: 32
Alex's Story - Fertility Preservation Cancer

What is your current treatment state?
Finished all treatments

Did you undergo any fertility preservation treatments?
Yes, Embryo Freezing

Did someone on your healthcare team speak to you about the possible effects of cancer treatments on your fertility?

Who raised the topic?
A member of my healthcare team did

Was the information you received thorough and helpful?

When were you told that your fertility might be affected by your cancer treatments?
Before I started active treatment

How did you pay for it?
It was covered by my insurance

Why did you undergo fertility preservation?
We wanted to keep the possibility of having our own biological children intact in case it became financially feasible later.

Did you become a parent after cancer?
Not yet but I would like to

Alex’s Story

Hi, My name is Alex Cohan. My wife was actually the patient but she passed away in May. Katie was devastated when her oncologist told us she could never carry a baby. She received treatment at NW hospital, so her care was very good. She even began researching adoption and gestational carriers before her first line of treatment finished. I promised her that no matter what we’d have a beautiful family some day but it still felt like the loss of a loved one for her. I guess at that time I was only focused on her health. We did nightly injections to help katie create as many eggs as possible and ended up with 10 embryos from the extraction. Then the immediate start of her treatment. The first day we went to the hospital to talk treatment options Katie’s main Gyno oncologist sent us to a patient liaison who walked us through the entire fertilization process. She showed us how to do the injections as well. Then we went up to the fertility group and met with a psychologist and other doctors. I was pretty amazed how quickly it moved. The whole process of giving the shots was very stessful and also a little humorous for us because of how weird it all felt. I still have not decided what I am going to do with the ten embryos we stored. I’d be happy to talk to other husbands or partners.

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