Rosanna’s Story

Rosanna’s Story

  • State: New York
  • Cancer Type: Breast Cancer
  • Age at Diagnosis: 31
Rosanna - Cancer Fertility Preservation

What is your current treatment state?
Recently diagnosed

Did you undergo any fertility preservation treatments?
Yes, Embryo Freezing

Did someone on your healthcare team speak to you about the possible effects of cancer treatments on your fertility?

Who raised the topic?
A member of my healthcare team did

Was the information you received thorough and helpful?

When were you told that your fertility might be affected by your cancer treatments?
Before I started active treatment

How did you pay for it?
I used a financial assistance program,I paid for it out of pocket

Did you become a parent after cancer?
Not yet but I would like to

Rosanna’s Story

I was diagnosed at a young age when I was engaged. While we had talked about having kids at some point, we were forced to make some huge decisions much sooner than we had planned because of my diagnosis. We froze both eggs and embryos, but are hopeful to be able to have kids naturally. Having this as a backup provides a sense of relief knowing we have a backup plan. We can’t try for another 3 years so until then, we’re starting the adoption process!