Testicular Shielding

Testicular Shielding

Testicular shielding involves the placement of shields over the scrotal sac to reduce testicular exposure. Clamshell-like shields are made during simulation and used each day of treatment with pelvic or inguinal radiation therapy. Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) may be used to minimize exposure in addition to or instead of shielding.

Who is Eligible?

This procedure can be used for patients receiving pelvic or inguinal field radiation.

What are the Potential Risks/Concerns?

Because patients may still receive some scatter radiation, they should also be offered sperm banking before treatment.

Future Use and Success Rates

Shielding reduces radiation dose to the testes by 3x – 10x. The farther the shielded testicle from the edge of the target area of radiation, the greater the reduction.1, 2

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