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Connecticut Was The First State to Enact Law on Fertility Preservation Coverage! Read more about the fertility preservation bill.

IVF and Fertility Preservation Bill

Current Status: ACTIVE

  • HB 6617 – This bill would extend existing coverage in Connecticut for both IVF and Fertility Preservation services to Medicaid.

Bill History

HB 5968 (full bill); An Act Requiring Health Insurance Coverage For Fertility Preservation For Insureds Diagnosed With Cancer (AMENDED Bill: HB 7124) – Ensures insurance coverage for fertility preservation when “medically necessary” – including prior to cancer treatment.

Amended & Passed the House: 5/25/17 (unanimous)
Passed in the Senate: 6/02/17 (unanimous)
Signed into law by the Governor: 6/20/17
Takes Effect: January, 2018


This legislation was sponsored by Assemblyman Matthew Lesser. Lesser is a cancer survivor; he has introduced this measure every year, starting in 2013. Connecticut already has an infertility mandate that includes coverage for IVF. The amended version of the bill was not considered a mandate; rather, it was viewed as an update to the existing statutory definition of “infertility” so that IVF and infertility services would be covered when deemed “medically necessary.”

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