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This tool allows cancer patients and oncology professionals to search for fertility preservation services in their area, and to submit referrals or request appointments through our secure online system.

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About Fertility Preservation

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The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is a 501c3 charitable organization. The Alliance is made up of a team of professionals who have chosen to join together to advance the field of fertility preservation. Our members are recognized leaders with expertise in all aspects of fertility preservation including, oncology, reproductive endocrinology, urology, psychology, oncology nursing, and reproductive law.

130,000 +

People At Risk Annually

$500 - $ 1000

Typical Cost for Men

$10,000 +

Typical Cost for Women

The Alliance Blog

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Medical Experts Discuss Fertility Options For Cancer Patients

Treatments for Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease in Boys: Making Sure Their Fertility is Protected

Recently, scientists discovered that certain treatments for cancer and sickle cell disease destroy the germ cells that eventually go on to develop into sperm in the testes of young boys. This...

Alliance for Fertility Preservation on Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy Webinar

In June 2018, our Executive Director, Joyce Reinecke participated in a Webinar for the Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy Group. George Dahlman, the CEO of Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy Group described the group as, “…focused on public policy issues....

Calling All Survivors: Take a Study that Will Help Your Fellow Future Patients

The Alliance for Fertility Preservation wanted to make you aware of an important and insightful study to understand how young women who have completed cancer treatment make decisions about their fertility, reproductive health, and planning for future...


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The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is made up of a coalition of experts in the fields of reproductive endocrinology, embryology, urology, oncology, psychology and legal professionals.

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