n. [əˈlīəns]

An association of groups or people with a common aim, formed to advance common interests or causes

Alliance for Fertility Preservation

An organization made up of cancer and reproductive professionals working together to advance information about and access to fertility preservation for cancer patients

News & Events
ASRM 2014

October 2014

October 18-22, 2014
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

2014 ASRM is the premier reproductive medicine meeting of the year, boasting phenomenal scientific, postgraduate, and video programs. Plenary lectures by noted luminaries in the field will address state-of-the-art issues in reproductive medicine and science.

Fertility Preservation Services Locator and Referral System

We are building an online tool to help oncology healthcare providers find you and refer their patients to you for fertility preservation quickly.

Studies show suboptimal rates of fertility discussions between oncologists and patients; fertility preservation referral rates are even lower. Don’t let a lack of knowledge about where to find you and your services continue to be a barrier for patient referrals!